TurboVPN MOD VIP by Wahyu Version 3.2.1 Mod Unlock All Premium Features

Virtual private network (VPN) is an extension of a probadi network in a public network that VPN users can use to send and receive data across public networks or may also be a public network Using user VPN access is possible to have all functional, network security and manajement access

Turbo VPN - Free VPN with no borders and safest hot spots
It's a VPN for free android. A high-speed VPN! Turbo VPN also offers a VPN VPN speed and unlimited access. Use free proxy turbo rabbit to connect to the network and open a blocked access. By using a VPN turbo when connected with a wi-fi hotspot your security and privacy will be protected

The fastest -- tied to a high-speed network
Easiest -- with only one click to be connected to a VPN proxy server
Stable - there are a lot of free cloud server choices provided

Benefits Turbo VPN - Free VPN
1. Can be used to penetrate firewalls and encryption networks including wi-fi
2. Protects network traffic when connected with wi-fi
3. Can be used to surf the Internet safely and at high speed
4. Can be used to access locked connections
5. Can work in the lte & 3g network
6. Data encryption USES the openvpn protocol

What's new on the version this time?
- Optimizing the connection process to connect to a faster network
- More additional local languages

What's new at the mod version this time?
- All VIP servers open
- No-Ads
- Metric & analyst deletion
- Debug repair information
- Maximizing
- Can be set IP