The Dark Knight Rises Version 1.1.6 Mod Unlimited Money & SP

Basically you will undergo a story that is similar to a movie, although with a few additions to make the game quite long and worth to play. There will be 25 missions that you have to live in which are divided into 6 chapters and 3 missions in free roaming mode. Free roaming giving you the freedom to explore the city without following the main storyline.

Through this game you can try the gadgets that Batman used to use such as the famous batarang or Bat Pod. Exploring the city is also something exciting because almost every building you can see you can climb. The Batman also has the ability to fly from very high buildings, well actually batman can’t fly but he can go down at a very slow pace. And when you almost reach the ground you can jump or fire your weapon to climb back up the building. Very cool!

Mod Info
Unlimited Money & SP

SP is useful for upgrading equipment from Batman. The lack of this mod apk is the initial language using Chinese. But it can be changed via settings.
Not suport marshmallow and up.