Tiny Archers Version Mod Everything

Tiny Archers is the newest action game made by a Developer who is nicknamed 1 DER Entertainment. The apk Tiny mod game tells about a siege to destroy your tower. Use your archery skills to destroy enemies and to survive.


ATTACK your enemies with 3 amazing characters: human, dwarf and fairy
DISCOVER three surprising stories in this uniquely designed tower defence game
FIGHT an army of goblins and trolls with special arrows, abilities and different attack layers
CHALLENGE yourself in 3 different stories with more than 70 unique tower defence levels!
TRAIN your archery skills to precisely aim attacks that stun, slow down, or kill your enemies instantly!
UPGRADE your characters and collect resources to discover new, magic arrows and skills
DEVELOP your unique strategy and tactics to survive and defend your tower from an army of goblins and trolls!
EARN multiple achievements
EXPLORE diverse locations: elven cities, dwarf mines, valleys, and forests
ENABLE the 18+ features for the full experiment: blood mode, exploding bodies, kill-cam
Become the greatest archery master and save the kingdom in this ultimate bow and arrow defense game!
Be the greatest Tiny Archer in the archery game made to test your archery skills!

What’s New
FIX: Correct Speed change for animations
NEW: Mage shield and Orcs now can be damaged with special arrow fields
FIX: Archer could shoot while affected by fields
FIX: Goblins do not fall when they’re jumping on a fire field
FIX: Increased max level to 150
FIX: Main Menu bottom panel disappears on hide
FIX: Ballista fixes – kills the digging Miner and frozen Goblins too
Thank you for your feedback.

Mod Info
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Coin