Alien Blackout V1.0 Mod Infinite Escape Time By Taufiq

Alien: Blackout is an action, adventure, survival game. Your mission is to survive an alien attack. for the gameplay this game itself is very similar to five night at freedy.

Alien Terror that is turned on in Aliens: Blackout. Try to stay alive when trapped above the lame Weyland-Yutani space station carrying the deadly Xenomorph tirelessly hunting you and the crew.

Outsmart the perfect hunter by making dangerous choices. Players must rely on damaged space station controls or risk sacrificing crew members to avoid deadly contacts, permanently changing match results.

Survive seven levels that cause fear by guiding Amanda Ripley’s crew from a distance through increasingly difficult tasks using only the station’s emergency system. Uncertainty from aliens and their crew can impose total defeat on Amanda and the entire station.

SURVIVE OR DEAD – Only use one limited space station to operate holographic maps, surveillance cameras and motion trackers, trying to stay hidden and protect your crew from perfect hunters on seven levels that trigger fear.
NEW CHAPTER IN FRANCHISE ALIEN – A new chapter in the Alien franchise follows the story of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, between the films Alien and Aliens.
FIRST CLASS ALIEN MOBILE EXPERIENCE – An immersive and captivating Alien Experience, perfectly designed for mobile games, enlivens the story of the Aliens.
FEAR ENCOUNTER AGAIN AND AGAIN – Every decision can lead to different conclusions. Players can test different strategies and theories to last longer than Xenomorph in the pursuit of victory!
Mod Feature Infinite Escape Time

Note: if you install the original apk you have to download it along with the obb data too, if you download the mod version you can simply install the APK then play.

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