Asphalt 8 Airborne V4.1.1a Mod Unlimited Money By Taufiq

I made a post to celebrate the presence of a motorcycle in one of my favorite racing games, Asphalt 8. Of course what I share is a game with unlimited money mod, because if it’s normal, it’s better to download from Playstore. One word for this series, bro. Apart from motorbikes, there are many new cars with futuristic displays that haven’t been in the old version that I’ve always played. But!!! Unfortunately what I share is not an Asphalt 8 full asset game, so later the player will download if you want to drive on the new track. Download around 70 MB crossings.

A new menu appears in this latest version. Namely MOTO BLITZ, is a special menu for motorcycle racing. Unlike Asphalt 6, motorbikes and cars in the Asphalt 8 game are separated in different menus and tracks, motorbikes versus motorbikes, and cars against cars. For this version, there are 10 seasons that the player must conquer to become a true Biker. As with cars, motorbikes can also be upgraded and customized according to what the player wants

Have the same track with the actual car, with the same controls. But, don’t know why, motorbike races in this game are fun and different. What’s more when he managed to hit another motorbike, the driver would react thumbing it down as if to mock him. Oh yeah, there are other differences, namely when the motor crosses the jumping board. There will be a needle meter that the player must press properly, so that the driver performs a cool acrobatic / stunt action. Every perfect stunt action will charge our motorcycle nitro. Enjoy the thrill of motorbike racing at Asphalt 8.

Additional information. First check the version in Playstore before downloading. In order not to ask for an update if Playstore has a higher version

Tutorial Update: For those on the phone, the old version of Asphalt 8 has been installed. Just install the latest mod apk immediately without having to uninstall the old version. But when it comes to playing, an internet connection is needed to verify the file and download the data update for about 400 mb. It might be bigger if the version is older.

Download and install the APK mod.
Open the apk and connect the internet to download this game data with a large number around 1.4GB.
Internet connection is still needed to download additional data about 50-75MB on each new track.

Asphalt 8 Airborne
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