Asphalt Injection V1.1.1 Mod Fix Error By Taufiq

Frankly, I just heard the Asphalt series with the title Asphalt Injection. It’s also amazing, the game is as class as Asphalt, but it’s not very well known, even by me, on a PC or laptop every day while looking for information about games and blogging as a hobby and entertainment. But this is very interesting and fun hahaha. Lots of old games have been scattered lately, and are quite decent to play. All thanks to the group that I follow on Facebook.

The first impression when opening this racing game is not the nuances of Asphalt, but strangely nuanced Ridge Racer. From the display menu, the track, to the cars available for racing. But still, the gameplay remains with Asphalt’s trademark, with its nitron bar display, and passing NPC cars that interfere with the race but adds to the excitement. An Asphalt game that also came out on PS Vita.

Asphalt games with more stunning tracks and seem very good compared to other Asphalt series. Track with a view that gives a fresh impression. Even though this is an old game. In total there are 20 track tracks that players can cross, but there are only 3 tracks open at the beginning of the game. It might open when the player plays Career mode and completes the existing missions. Although the graphics are not as good as Asphalt 8 with far inferior features, but the nuances in this game are very different from Asphalt 8. And one more thing, the enemies in this game are quite tough to conquer.

Tested On Devieces
Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Kitkat 4.4
Samsung Galaxy J5 Lollipop
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7inc Nougat 7.1.0
Oppo F7 Oreo 8.1.0

This game is played without constraints on an Android phone with a screen resolution of 1280×720, if other resolutions the effect of the game’s display will be cut. But there is still a way out for a cellphone that has a resolution other than 1280×720, use a second screen application, screen shift or an application like a screen resolution modifier, this application usually requires root access.

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