Assassins Creed Altairs Chronicles HD V1.0.2 Mod Fix Error By Taufiq

Finally I can playin this game on my Samsung Galaxy J5. An Assassin Creed series game, where the main character is Altair. The figure that appears in the first Assassin Creed that is present in the console in ps3, and frankly until now I have not saved hehee. Unlike other Assassin Creed games, the gameplay of this game is not an open world, but more to a side scrolling adventure game, with elements of action and stealth.

I’m also not very familiar with the story, because I mostly skip, hahaha. But believe me, I really enjoy the gameplay that is served by this old school game. Like an Assassin, a player can climb the wall and jump between objects very cool. The environment that is present in this game is also in the form of a good 3D, although the gameplay is a la arcade side scrolling, where the character runs from the left to right screen to reach its destination.

Game with decent control, though not very comfortable. Can be understood because this is a very old game. Can play it on the latest android only for me is very lucky. Gameplay and in-game stories will be presented linearly per chapter. With missions like the other Assassin Creed series, that is to blow the target and confuse the Templar. Do not underestimate this game, because sometimes jumping between objects full of pitfalls is also annoying because several times fell and died.

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ATTENTION!!! Install apk by screen resolution of your smartphone. To find out the resolution, please download the application Screen data or CPU-Z that friends can download directly from the free PlayStore.

Installation Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles
1. Install Apk Ori Or Mod
2. Copy folder “assassinscreed” in “Internal/gameloft/games/”.
3. Play game and enjoy.

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