Brother In Arm 2 Global front HD V3.3.9 Mod Fix Error By Taufiq

Old game which again is very dear if not in review or in resurfacing. This game is a fps game takes the theme of world war 2. In this game Gameloft featuring pieces of extraordinary stories, such as pushing back Axis troops from the ruins of Italy.

Many interesting scenes to look at BIA 2, like looking for a shooter on the roof of a city building. With many battlefields in this game, like Guadalcanal, Africa, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Sicily and Germany, making the battle in BIA 2 more exciting and exciting.

In this game the player will play the role of David Wilson, a soldier who was plunged into the world’s war 2. When awakened from a severe injury, David knew that his brother Eric, who was also a soldier in the war, was killed on duty. Then he tried to uncover what really happened.

Elric’s death in North Africa made David also confront the government who remained silent about the condition. He had no choice but to investigate it to the roots to find out the truth of his brother’s war team regarding his death. When David discovered that Eric faced serious problems with the government, David began to see fraud and treachery. But in times of war, the truth is often hard to see clearly.

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Brother In Arm 2 Global front HD
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