Catur Version 2.7.2 Mod Unlimited Money

Chess is a logic game with beautiful graphics and
progressive levels. Hi Players, As you know,
Chess is one of the oldest strategy games in the
world. Chess is an extraordinary logic game that
develops skills such as tactics, strategy, and
visual memory. I am trying to make an application
that allows players of any level to enjoy this
game. Chess Piece: - Pawn moves one plot
forward or two plots in the first move from its
position, moves diagonally one plot forward. - The
king moves one plot vertically, horizontally or
diagonally. - Ministers move in any direction
vertically, horizontally or diagonally. - The fort
moves in any direction vertically or horizontally. -
Horses move two plots in one vertical direction
then one plot in a horizontal direction or one plot
in a vertical direction and two plots in a horizontal
direction. - The launcher moves to any square
diagonally. Important chess positions are known:
- Checkmate - a position in chess where the king
is attacked suddenly by the opponent's pawn -
Checkmate - a situation in chess where the player
who turns to move is in checkmate and has no
steps to escape from checkmate. - Stalemat
(dead end) - a situation in chess where the player
in turn has no move and is not in a checkmate
position. (draw) The object of the game is to
checkmate the king of the opposing players. Two
special movements in Chess: - Castling is a
double movement, carried out by kings and
fortresses, which never moves. - En passant is a
move where the pawn can eat the opponent's
pawn if it is located in one plot in the pawn
destination line. Features: - Ten difficulty levels -
Game assistant (Helper) - Free void stars for
levels - Seven different themes - Display of two
boards (Top - 2D and Front - 3D) - Alternating
mode - Two player mode - Realistic graphics -
Save function - Effects sound - Small size If you
want to play Chess well, you can help me make
this application better. Write your input and
suggestions here, I will read it and improve the
quality of this application! thanks.