CarX Drift Racing 2 V1.2.1 Mod Unlimited Money By Taufiq

As the name suggests, CarX Drift Racing 2 is a car drift game. where we will carry out drift actions in each of the trajectories. the more drifts we succeed in doing, the higher points and ranks we get. Every time you finish acting on the track, your level will also increase. One of the things that is quite important in this game. because there are several tracks and cars that can only be opened if we reach a certain level.

This game has controls that are easy to understand. With 3 types of controls that we can choose. there is a tilt control, using the d-pad and with virtual steering. besides that there are also other settings to adjust the sensitivity level and the location of the button as comfortable as we want. complete. And like other drift games besides the gas / acceleracy and brake buttons, there is also a hand brake button. buttons that are important enough to carry out drift actions. ever seen the movie Fast Furious Tokyo Drift? we think that’s the kind of action we have to do in this game.

I can say the graphics in this game are very good. the graphics of the background look detailed, with dynamic lighting. The visual of the car also looks good and real. And again, there are settings in the graphics, so if later we feel less comfortable in the gameplay, lag or graphics are not good to see for example. we can adjust the graphics settings.

In all its advantages. unfortunately this game has a high level of difficulty. I played it for quite a long time, and until now I have not been able to master the gameplay. The highest ranking I can get is ranking 5. Until this last time I played it, even though I haven’t done a long drift. The drift that I do always ends with spinning. rather than blaming the controls, it seems like I’m the one who hasn’t mastered the gameplay.

CarX Drift Racing 2
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