Modern Combat 1 Sandstorm Version 3.4.2 Mod Fix Error

Hi guys, see you again with me in this post. As per the title above, this time the admin will share the first serie modern combat game, who doesn’t know this game, the game with the FPS genre that has stunning graphics for Android-level games.

Maybe you have played series 3, 4 and even 5, but maybe there are still many of you who don’t know how to do the first modern combat series? therefore this time the admin will share so you can feel the game. This game is very rare for us to find because indeed this game has been very long and to play on the Android OS that has been advanced as it is now needs a little modification so that it can be run. For you gamers who want to know more about this game please read in the review section.

How to Instal Modern Combat 1 : Sandstorm Apk Data Obb
1. Before download these files, first thing you need to check your screen resolution on your device using CPUz Premium.
2. Download Apk and Data, instal apk file. Open Data file with zArchiver Pro.
3. In Data file, there is folder “sandstorm”. Copy it to Internal/Gameloft/games/ and paste here. so it will be look like this “Internal/gameloft/games/sandstorm”.
4. Open the game, and now you can play it.