GT Racing 2 V1.5.6a Mod By Taufiq

Finally I found this game that can be played full offline without internet connection at all and unlimited money mod. A game from the legendary developer of the mobile game Gameloft. Yups a game developer who also issued the popular Asphalt racing game series. But don’t get me wrong, the genre may be the same but have a completely different gameplay experience.

If the Asphalt series puts more emphasis on imaginative action with an exciting, crazy action with a variety of modes, then GT Racing is a series where everything in its features is as realistic as possible. So later the player will race in a professional racing race circuit.

Because what I share is a mod money game, then I will immediately discuss the shop. In our shop there will be a lot of symbols from various brands of famous cars around the world. We choose the emblem, then the cars available from related brands will appear to be selected and purchased.

There are many cooler cars that players can open if they collect a number of stars. And it looks like we don’t need to be tired of gathering these stars. Because of the car, we can still redeem it for a sum of money in this game hehee.

To make the car that we buy accelerate with better performance, an upgrade feature is available in this game. There are 4 things in the car that the player can upgrade, namely maximum speed, acceleration, control and brakes.

Remember this is a mod game, so it’s not impossible to upgrade the car at the start of the game. Let’s just say we are Bruce Wayne’s son, who is already rich in seven generations. So a racing career is just a hobby and a pleasure. Sorry about my imagination hehee.

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