Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus V1.0.2 Mod Fix Error By Taufiq

I never thought that the old game from gameloft can still be played on the latest version of android. The awesome FPS game I’ve played on my old Smartphone is Xperia Play, unfortunately Force Close once I try on my latest Smartphone like Ace3, Xj and J5. So I could argue if this game Modern Combat 2, can only be played on the android with Os Ginger Bread down like other old gameloft games.

Yesterday in a facebook group that I follow there is someone who shares, but with a version that “he said” can be played on android with Os Marshmallow. Immediately I downloaded, and ? wow … wow … wow it can indeed be played smoothly on my Ace3 by downloading the game data directly from apk. Then I also tried it on my Xperia J, which was also running smoothly through data verification first, with game data I took from ace3. Fix directly create posts and upload heheee ?.

Twelve missions will wait for the player to finish. With an area that I think is fresher than the latest version of Modern Combat. Where the battle area in this second series game is more varied such as forest, desert and snowy environment. In this game later, the player will act as a soldier who diapap after helicopter that he was riding in a missile missile mission by the enemy. Relief came from another soldier who survived a helicopter explosion. Well that’s when the exciting game in this legendary FPS game begins. Password :

Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus
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