Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation V1.1.4g Mod Unlimited Money By Taufiq

Modern Combat 3 is one of series from modern combat games. Apkmodif has posted the Modern Combat 4 series that has been tested on several smartphone devices to you 🙂 . Modern Combat is a well-known mobile game developer called gameloft.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is an fps game that may have graphics equivalent to FPS games issued by the console 😎 . The single player game consists of 13 main missions, which on average in every player mission will be accompanied by other soldiers. Players will undergo different missions, ranging from keeping bridges through helicopters, running from enemy chases to cars, skydiving, being snipers to protect infiltrated teams and so on.

In every mission will also be a lot of insertion of the story so it does not feel bland, acting voice of the actors are also good and often interspersed with the typical rough humor of the army 😛 . Modern Combat also has an automatic goal where players will be assisted directly to the opponent. So, players can better enjoy the gameplay and storyline. However, the player must first target the opponent as well as the automatic goal of not working on a moving enemy 😆 .

The equipment will also be open as this player level increases :mrgreen: . Usefulness of the equipment itself is one of them is to add ammunition that can be taken or become undetected from the radar. While skill can make players return faster or drop bombs when the player is dead. And when a player manages to kill a certain number of consecutive enemies then the player will gain access to tools such as radar scanner or call helicopter 😈 .

Password :

Tutorial Instalation Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation Mod
Please comment if anything needs to be asked.
1. Download the apk file and obb data from one of the links above.
2. Install the file “apk”.
3. Extract the obb file using the zArchiver application.
4. In obb data file, there is folder “”.
5. Put the folder “” earlier to the folder Internal / android / obb / here.
6. Connect the internet when you first play it.
7. Step finished.

Some Things Might Ask About Modern Combat 3
Friend : Hi admin Apkmodif , when I want to install apk, an error occure “App not Installed” 😥 .
Admin : Try to disabling the Play Protect feature 😉 , open the Playstore app and go to the Play Protect Options menu > do not check the “Scan device for scurity threats” feature. Ive experienced this kind of error in Galaxy Note 3 Marshmallow and it works.

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