The Amazing Spider Man Version 1.2.2g Mod Fix Error

Old game again, why did I post? because I just found a version of this game that can be played offline and can be played on Android with the Lollipop os. Just like the movie, the game’s initial scene will tell about the beginning of Peter being bitten by a spider, and the death of his favorite uncle Ben. Is an open world game because there is a map that is wide enough to be explored, with the main mission to continue the storyline and additional missions to get certain rewards or prizes after completing a mission.

The graphics in this game are also quite good, with details from the charming Speedy costume. Unfortunately it’s only on my device or not, Spiderman’s eyes in this game are black, and for me it seems awkward. The uniqueness of the Spiderman game in general is that players can get around the city with their spider webs. Patrol searching for criminals or completing missions to continue the story. However jumping up and down the building is a pleasure for me, from walking or riding a motorized vehicle.

Control is a complex thing in this game, but it packs well until it’s easy to understand. To jump around in the air, players can do it easily with just one button. When in the battle against the enemy, there will be three different action buttons, namely hitting, which if we tap repeatedly will issue a cool combo, then throw the net, which is useful to knock out the enemy or pull it, and the last is the counter attack, is a button to anticipate all enemy attacks.