Drive Ahead Version 1.8.4 Mod Unlimited Money

Drive Ahead! is a driving game where your goal is not to cross the finish line or get as far as you can. Instead, your sole aim is to destroy your opponents . before they destroy you. To do that youll have to try to knock the other driver in the head.

The battles in Drive Ahead! take place in closed arenas filled with interactive elements. Ramps and loops are the most common, but there are also giant seesaws, UFOs that try to abduct you, and mines that explode if you touch them. Each battle arena has totally unique items and more than a dozen of them.

Drive Ahead has plenty of variety in terms of arenas, but thats not all. The game also includes more than 30 different vehicles, ranging from small go-karts to trucks carrying toxic waste. Besides that, you can also customize your characters helmet.