NFS Hot Pusuit Mod Lite Version 2.0.22 Mod Fix Error

Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit is one of the games developed and published by EA Games. This is a racing game. There are all kinds of races in this Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit game. Because of the smooth controlling and handling, you might be swept away in this Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit game. Not only will there be regular road racing, but also Challenge Portal. You will level up and get points if you win. These points can be used to modify your car.

In this Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit game, you will meet the police. This police will later chase you if you exceed the speed limit. The police will chase you even in the race. But don’t worry, you will find a place that you can use to hide. After the condition is safe, you can exit the sanctuary without being pursued by the police again.

In this Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit game, there are many shortcuts that are visible on the map. These shortcuts are very narrow, and there are many bullies that can reduce the speed of your car.

In the NFS Hot Pursuit Mod Lite that I shared, Audio Sound in the Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit game has been removed, some cutscenes have also been discarded to reduce the size of the game.